Brenda Blay

First and foremost, Brenda is a dedicated mother to her six children (five in this life and one in the next life). As a medical professional, small business owner and entrepreneur, she is committed to charitable activities in the South Bay and endeavors to give back to her community. Born and raised in San Jose, California, Brenda has had a fulfilling and substantial career as a registered nurse. She currently serves as the Aesthetic Nurse Specialist at Ava Rejuvenation. She is completely committed to the cause of Addicted to Life 319 in recognition of her beloved son, Stevie.

Terry Blay

Dr. Terry Blay was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. After graduating from medical school in Michigan, he moved to California to complete his residency at Highland General Hospital in Oakland. Dr. Blay served as the Chief of the Emergency Room at Kaiser Permanente San Jose for over ten years. When Brenda and Terry married in 2005, they merged their two wonderful families together and Steven, Ben and Alex became siblings. The family grew two years later with the birth of the twins, Athena and Terry, Jr. In 2018, Brenda and Terry formally adopted their youngest child, Delila Rose Blay, since raising her from infancy. As a faithful and loving father to all of his children, Dr. Blay pledges his complete support to the mission of Addicted to Life 319 and ardently hopes to bring genuine and lasting positive change to the lives of those affected by drug addiction.

Loren Estevez

Although Stevie’s aunt, Loren remembers him as more akin to a son than a nephew. When Stevie was a baby, she would take him everywhere. She recalls how loving he was from the very beginning, making it so enjoyable for her to take him shopping, to the movies, amusement parks, and restaurants. As he grew older, Loren saw Stevie less, but each time they would meet their special bond was renewed by Stevie giving her a big hug, a compliment, and never forgetting to say “I love you.” She will always remember how he never had an unkind word for her, and she feels truly blessed to have been part of his life. In honor of Stevie’s memory, Loren strongly believes that no one should ever feel ashamed of mental illness and addiction. Accordingly, she chooses to be part of Addicted to Life 319 to help those in similar situations.

Belinda Spiteri

Belinda was born and raised in San Jose, California. She is married and is a mother of five children. Belinda previously lived overseas in Europe for several years and is fluent in German and Spanish. She is a business woman who runs a real estate and management company based in the Peninsula. Belinda has always had a passion for charitable work and helping others. She has worked with multiple Bay Area housing organizations, including Adobe Services Rapid Re-Housing Program. Since the passing of her beloved nephew, Stevie, she has made it her mission to help those suffering from drug addiction. Her goal is to help individuals and their families avoid the pain and suffering associated with addiction. Belinda passionately believes that no one should ever have to go through life alone or afraid when they suffer from drug addiction.

Priscilla Emprechtinger

Priscilla and Stevie grew up together and were forever inseparable since birth. She was very privileged to know Stevie let alone be able to experience many unforgettable moments throughout the years with him. They were travel companions, and frequented Disneyland and various music festivals. Wherever life took them, they would always be sure to visit each other, no matter the distance. Priscilla believes that in life, you will encounter more than one soulmate, and not every soulmate will be a romantic one. Instead, it will be one defined by a strong bond and mutual trust—this is the type of relationship she had with Stevie. Although his life was cut short on earth as a consequence of drug addiction, Priscilla remains hopeful that she will see Stevie again in the next life. Until they reunite, she will try as hard as she can to fulfill Stevie’s wish of helping others who are suffering through the same type of pain. Priscilla believes that together we are stronger.

Benjamin (Ben) Blay

Ben was fortunate enough to spend many years growing up with Steven prior to his drug addiction. He remembers Steven for the intelligent, witty and endlessly entertaining brother he was. There were many years when the two were seldom apart and went on long bike rides, epic outdoor adventures, and stayed up until the early hours of the morning talking and playing videogames together. Since graduating from Boston College in 2015, Ben has lived in many cities across the United States, including Atlanta, Georgia, Washington, D.C., and Naples, Florida. He currently resides in Paris, France, where is pursuing further studies. Despite the distance that currently separates him from his family, Ben remains committed to the mission of Addicted to Life 319 and strives to contribute to the cause in any way possible.

Brenda & Terry Blay

Athena and Terry, Jr., known as “The Twins” in the Blay family, remember Steven as their caring and outgoing big brother. From the time they could walk, Steven always made efforts to spend quality time with his little siblings. Terry, Jr. fondly remembers the many afternoons Steven spent with him playing basketball. For Athena, Steven would go out of his way and make time to drive her to some of her favorite shops. Together, The Twins are committed to respecting the memory of their big brother by dedicating their time and energy to Addicted to Life 319.